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Washington D.C. Trip Restaurant Reviews

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Recent SF Bay Area Dining Club Outings

Washington D.C. Trip Restaurants

Date Visited
Review and Comments
The Tortilla FactoryMexicanHerdon
The Tortilla Factory Review
Nora RestaurantContemporaryWashington D.C.
Nora Restaurant Review
The Old SiamThaiWashington D.C.
The Old Siam Review
BamianAfghaniFalls Church
Bamian Review
Harry's Tap RoomAmerican and BrunchArlington (Clarendon)
Harry's Tap Room Review
FinemondoItalianWashington D.C.
Finemondo Review

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Key to Ratings

Ratings are on a scale of 1 (worst) to 4 (best). Ratings are based primarily on the quality of the food, but value (price) factors in also. In detail, In other words, 4s are places you would rave about; 3s are places you'd be happy with if a friend suggested it or you might suggest it yourself; 2s and below are places where you'd offer better suggestions if someone proposed going there.

Occasionally ratings have a plus (+); or a minus (-). This is a modifier to show how the restaurant compares with others of a similar numerical value.

Key to Reviews

I write all the reviews. I take full responsibility for the bad writing you'll see here. The opinions are also mine solely, though the reviews do attempt to reflect those of other people that also went to the restaurant. If you disagree, I'm sorry. That's why the reviews are on a wiki page. Add some comments expressing your own opinion.

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